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TeachRemix with EdTech, by Amalia Kingsbury: Mix up your teaching with innovation and cutting edge technology.

Amalia Kingsbury‘s insight:

TeachRemix with EdTech, by Amalia Kingsbury: Mix up your teaching with innovation and cutting edge technology.

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Top 10 Things NOT to do in a 1:1 iPad Initiative

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Part of the benefit of jumping forward with a 1:1 iPad deployment like we have tried is that we get the opportunity to impart knowledge to other districts looking to do a similar initiative. While …

Amalia Kingsbury‘s insight:

I agree with all 10. I can’t wait to see what we do with our 1:1 program. 

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Back to School… a Month Later

I took a long break from my teaching blog… why?  Because I am more than just a teacher. I visited Vietnam and Cambodia for two weeks and then off the the US for one month.

I can’t believe we are into the second week of school. So let’s catch up… Let me tell you, it has been a whirlwind!

My class is terrific albeit small group of seven terrific third graders. I was originally slotted to have one large group of kids and continue being the only third grade teacher at our school. An unexpected change in enrollment in kindergarten changed all that. I am now part of a team and delighted to be so.  This change did not come without some minor bumps.  We needed to order a second set of everything but now we are off and running.

My third graders are tech savvy already.  We have successfully logged into our Google Apps account and Schoology.  Students seem very excited about using these technologies. They especially enjoy our “class discussions” on our Schoology course page.

Our iPad program is slow to come. Our tech team has hit some minor bumps we hope to overcome very soon!

Teach Remix on Edublogs

This past January I attended the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong.  It changed me. I always considered myself a “connected” educator. Ha! I was mistaken. I was definitely an educator who loved technology and used it, daily.  Yet, I was the farthest I could be from being a connected educator. Aside from using technology with the students in class, I was missing a big component in my professional life, connectivity to other educators that shared the same passion for teaching and learning.  I had a Twitter account. I hardly ever used it. I didn’t really get why Twitter mattered. I had blogs, yes thats plural blogs, but rarely posted. I have had many  different kinds of class websites but used them inefficiently most of time.

I have been an educator for over 15 years.  Most of that time was spent as a classroom teacher who relied on the school district to provide the technology I needed for classroom use. School districts have big budgets and make large purchases for district wide implementation: SMART boards, teacher laptops, SchoolFusion, Moodle, Galileo, comprehensive textbook adoptions with tech support, etc. I had so much at my fingertips. It really limited me. Why? Because I was bound to district policy.  Each time the district changed technology policies, equipment, or access to websites, I had to leave everything behind that I had started, and once again jumped on the latest bandwagon. I didn’t have any ownership over any of the technology being implemented.

This past year I took a leap of faith and became an international educator. I still have access to some great tech toys like a SMART board, iPads, and MacBooks.  We are an Apple school. What changed? My current school doesn’t really require use of any one particular technology, website, or software.  They don’t micromanage how the technology is implemented. I have a lot of freedom.  At first this new found academic freedom was daunting.  I felt lost. I was so accustomed to having so much of my tech practice dictated by administration. A huge shift has been the use of social media in the classroom. Back home, teachers are not encouraged to Tweet or post student work publicly.  I was shocked that not only was that ok here… it was encouraged! Slowly, I’ve started embracing YouTube and Twitter as part of my teaching practice.

The  21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong allowed me to see how social media is connecting educators, students, classrooms, globally. I had not felt that invigorated by PD in a long time. After the conference, I started Tweeting. I started to build a connection to individuals and companies that have a passion for ed tech just like me.  On a daily basis I get amazing, creative ideas about ed tech implementation in the classroom. I also connect with top notch teachers world wide. This connectivity has caused a great paradigm shift in my practice and thinking. I don’t think locally any more. I am part of global teaching community. I am not limited by district boundaries. My classroom walls have fallen and the world is now part of teaching and learning for both my students and myself.

Welcome to TeachRemix… mixing innovation and technology to achieve what before was not possible.


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