B2SN or Back to School Night

I really want to make the focus of this blog about how I use technology to improve my teaching practice with all stakeholders in my learning and teaching community.

B2SN was a perfect opportunity to do just that with my parent community.  I revamped my presentation switching from PowerPoint to Keynote. I am really trying to embrace all things Apple since I work for an Apple school. I am hoping to create a screen cast of the Keynote in the next week or so for parents that missed B2SN or for families entering my class later in the year.

After B2SN I created a short tutorial for parents on Words Their Way to help them decipher our word study program. One parent was particularly baffled by word sorts and vowel/consonant words patterns.



Back to School… a Month Later

I took a long break from my teaching blog… why?  Because I am more than just a teacher. I visited Vietnam and Cambodia for two weeks and then off the the US for one month.

I can’t believe we are into the second week of school. So let’s catch up… Let me tell you, it has been a whirlwind!

My class is terrific albeit small group of seven terrific third graders. I was originally slotted to have one large group of kids and continue being the only third grade teacher at our school. An unexpected change in enrollment in kindergarten changed all that. I am now part of a team and delighted to be so.  This change did not come without some minor bumps.  We needed to order a second set of everything but now we are off and running.

My third graders are tech savvy already.  We have successfully logged into our Google Apps account and Schoology.  Students seem very excited about using these technologies. They especially enjoy our “class discussions” on our Schoology course page.

Our iPad program is slow to come. Our tech team has hit some minor bumps we hope to overcome very soon!